ProRealTime Review: Is the Trading Platform Worth it?

A Platform Designed for Professional Trading

The trading platform ProRealTime is free in its web and mobile versions, and it also offers a Premium version that can be used alone or in combination with one of its partner brokers.


Developed by the French company IT Finance, ProRealTime is now globally recognized with over a million users. It is simply one of the most comprehensive and professional trading platform on the market.

Advanced analytical tools and automated trading capabilities.
Unlimited Free Trading Simulator
A trading platform of professional standard
A slightly steeper learning curve
Limited economic newsfeed

Since October 2016, I’ve used ProRealTime and observed its evolution up to the current version 12. I’ve also had the chance to test Interactive Brokers for Futures through ProRealTime Trading personally.

Superior to competitors like MetaTrader and TradingView, ProRealTime offers a comprehensive paper trading environment for practicing trading without risk, conducting thorough analyses, and engaging in live trading.

Although it may take some time to familiarize yourself with ProRealTime, it is, in my opinion, the go-to trading platform for traders seeking to approach the markets with a professional edge.


Trading exposes you to the risk of losing more than your initial investment and incurring financial liability. Trading is suitable only for well-informed, sophisticated clients able to understand how the products being traded work and having the financial ability to bear the aforementioned risk.

Transactions involving foreign exchange instruments (FOREX) and contracts for difference (CFD) are highly speculative and extremely complex. As such, they are subject to a high level of risk due to leverage. Please keep in mind that CDF trading is banned in the US.

Information published on the website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as offering investment advice or as an enticement to trade financial instruments.

Who is ProRealTime for?

ProRealTime is the go-to trading platform for retail traders.

Historically geared towards more experienced traders with its advanced software features, ProRealTime now reaches a much broader audience of novice traders with its free web and mobile versions.

Designed for active trading, ProRealTime is by far the most comprehensive trading platform on the market in terms of order execution interfaces, technical analysis tools, and automated trading capabilities.

This platform ideally suits swing traders, day traders, and scalpers. Its order execution interface and order book tracking are specifically designed for short-term trading!

While it is somewhat limited in terms of economic and financial information, it may disappoint long-term investors who rely on fundamental analysis, even though its recent integrations with entities like Marketscreener and CentralCharts have partially addressed this shortfall.

For example, although ProRealTime provides financial news through its News module, it does not offer financial or accounting data about companies’ financial positions.

Is ProRealTime reliable?

Yes, ProRealTime is definitely a reliable trading platform.

ProRealTime is registered with the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) under number 51991 and is owned by IT Finance, a French company with offices in the Paris region (Rueil-Malmaison) and the Lille region (Wasquehal).

ProRealTime is not on the blacklist of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and has no recorded complaints.

As part of its ProRealTime Trading service, its partner brokers, such as Interactive Brokers, ensure the security of funds.

Key figures of ProRealTime:

  • 22 years in operation
  • Over one million users worldwide

ProRealTime Customer Reviews

ProRealTime’s reviews on Trustpilot consistently beat its competitors the trading category, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 652 reviews.

User feedback primarily highlights the platform’s advanced features and the professionalism of its knowledgeable and responsive customer service.

Understanding ProRealTime’s Offerings

The ProRealTime trading platform is available in three versions: a web version (ProRealTime Web), a mobile version (ProRealTime Mobile), and a software version (ProRealTime Software).

ProRealTime trading platform can be integrated with brokerage services from the market’s top brokers.

ProRealTime Fees

While much of the ProRealTime ecosystem is available for free, using certain features may involve additional costs.

ProRealTime Web100% Free
ProRealTime Mobile100% Free
ProRealTime SoftwareFreemium – See detailed fee structure
ProRealTime TradingFreemium – See detailed fee structure

ProRealTime Web: a Free Platform with Paper Trading capabilities

ProRealTime Web is an excellent choice for beginner traders seeking a free and comprehensive online Trading platform. Creating a free user account lets you save your online workspace and manage a demo account. This feature includes paper trading capabilities, allowing you to practice trading at your own pace without risking real money.

ProRealTime Web provides access to real-time stock quotes and charts for a wide range of financial assets (currencies, stocks, indices, etc.).

Market filters, drawing tools, and technical indicators allow for quick analysis of price movements.

However, due to its extensive range of features and options, ProRealTime Web may take a few minutes to get used to.

Monitor Financial Markets with ProRealTime Web Screener

No installation or signup is required. ProRealTime Web lets you quickly find any listed financial asset using its intuitive search bar.

The filters (market screeners) provided on the right side of the screen allow you to explore the most popular products for a given asset class.

Accessible with just one click at the top right of your screen, creating a free account also allows you to create and save your own filters and value lists to monitor the sectors and assets of your choice.

The circle next to the asset’s name indicates:

  • A live quote (green circle)
  • A delayed quote (blue circle on green)
  • A market closed (gray circle)

Clicking on the circle allows you to access detailed information about the data feeds transmitted and offered by ProRealTime, helping you select the most relevant information source. The market’s opening and closing times are also displayed.

Finally, the blue icons located directly below the price chart allow you to quickly access key information about the asset (ISIN code, tick size, point value, etc.), as well as the latest fundamental news related to it.

Analyze Markets with ProRealTime Web

Along with fundamental data provided through a partnership with Marketscreener, ProRealTime Web includes a comprehensive suite of charting tools and technical indicators for analyzing markets in real time.

Those interested in technical analysis will find a range of drawing tools on ProRealTime Web, including standard options like trend lines, support, and resistance levels, as well as advanced tools such as Fibonacci retracements, Andrew’s Pitchfork, and Gann Fans.

The upper right of the screen contains a selection of over a hundred technical indicators. Just click on “Indicators” to customize any price-related or other types of indicators quickly and easily.


Creating a free user account saves valuable time by automatically saving your favorite charting tools and technical indicators!

Practice Trading with the ProRealTime Web Simulator

After creating a free user account, ProRealTime Web allows you to engage in paper trading by setting up your own virtual investment portfolio. This lets you practice at your own pace and/or test specific trading strategies.

The order panel at the top of your chart allows you to select the quantity to buy or sell, the direction of your trade (buying or selling), and the type of market order to place (market order, limit order, stop order, etc.).

You can monitor the performance of your portfolio, pending orders, and open positions in real-time at the top of your screen or in more detail through the “Portfolios” and “Orders” options available in the right-hand menu.

However, launching an automated trading system requires downloading the ProRealTime Software to access the most advanced trading features.

Unlike most free online trading platforms, ProRealTime Web is both comprehensive and entirely free, with no limits on the number of chart windows or technical indicators.

ProRealTime Mobile: A 100% Free Trading App

ProRealTime Mobile is the mobile version of the ProRealTime trading platform.

This app will be released in summer 2024 and will be 100% free to download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It is currently available in beta, allowing you to access many of the main features of the web version right from your pocket.

ProRealTime Software: Advanced Tools for Professional Trading

Download ProRealTime Software to your computer to access the suite’s most advanced features, including market replay, order flow analysis, and automated trading.

The software is free for real-time data on popular markets, with optional Premium subscriptions available to monitor data streams from more exotic markets. For active ProRealTime Trading clients, access to the Premium software version and its data streams is included at no additional cost.

As the most comprehensive trading software on the market, ProRealTime Software may require some initial adjustment time due to its wide array of features and options.

Price Charts Designed for Professional Trading

Unlike many online trading platforms, ProRealTime Software provides a professional-grade trading data stream.

Features of the ProRealTime Data Stream:

  • Direct connections to stock exchanges, eliminating intermediaries
  • Very low latency for real-time data updates
  • Data provided tick-by-tick, without aggregation
  • Backup systems to ensure continuous service reliability.

Each stock chart is highly customizable (scale, time unit, chart mode, drawing tools, technical indicators) and has the ability to display an unlimited number of charts on your screens.

Besides price information, the Volume Profiles feature allows you to track volume distribution directly on the stock charts to identify the most significant support and resistance levels.

Finally, beyond the thousands of assets available, ProRealTime enables you to create your own synthetic indices based on a basket of stocks of your choice (weighted or unweighted).

Instant Insight into Market Opportunities

ProRealTime Software allows for real-time scanning of thousands of financial products to detect specific trading signals (price movements, technical indicators, volumes).

You can set up alerts to be notified in real-time (via software notification, SMS, or email) when pre-set conditions are met, even when ProRealTime Software is closed!

Analyze Stock Charts Like a PRO

The optional ProRealTrend feature automatically traces support and resistance levels on your charts, but you can also perform your own chartist analyses using the numerous drawing tools available.

With over 100 default technical indicators (both price-based and off-price), you can enhance your technical analysis to clearly and visually identify the best market opportunities.

You also have the option to create and customize your own trading indicators or use those developed by the ProRealTime community.

Trade Directly from Chart Views

Instead of opening an order ticket in a new window, ProRealTime Software allows you to trade directly from your charts.

Efficiently create, modify, and delete trading orders with a single click. This process not only speeds up execution but also reduces errors by clearly showing key price levels and involved amounts.

Monitor the Order Book in Detail

ProRealTime provides valuable insights into the depth of the Stock and Futures markets with a detailed view of the order book.

The order book is customizable and clearly displays your estimated position in the queue, allowing you to gauge the execution likelihood of your orders effectively.

Moreover, ProRealTime allows you to observe the orders placed by other market participants and monitor the bid-ask spread history.

Finally, scalpers will particularly value the intuitive order entry interface, its pre-settable shortcuts, and the overall design tailored for high-performance trading.

Practice and Improve at Your Own Pace

Thanks to its Paper Trading feature, ProRealTime allows you to practice with virtual capital in market conditions that closely simulate reality.

Beyond offering Paper Trading, the software also allows you to test your strategies on historical data (Backtesting) and generate detailed performance reports.

In addition to PaperTrading and BackTesting, the Market Replay function allows you to replay a trading session as it happened or sped up.

Automate Your Trading Strategies

ProRealTime enables you to effortlessly create, test, and optimize your own trading algorithms, regardless of your programming experience.

The “no-code” programming interface allows you to first compose your trading strategy by specifying its scope and the entry and exit criteria.

Once the strategy is created, you can then test it with a few clicks to obtain a detailed performance report.

Finally, if the strategy’s behavior and overall risk level are satisfactory, you can consider running it in real trading to generate real profits and losses!

ProRealTime Trading: A 2-in-1 Trading Solution

ProRealTime Trading allows you to engage in real trading by combining the superior ProRealTime platform with the brokerage services of top-tier brokers.

This 2-in-1 solution includes leading brokers. For guidance, review our comprehensive comparison of ProRealTime Trading offers.

Alternatives to ProRealTime

Currently, the main alternatives to ProRealTime are MetaTrader and TradingView.

MetaTrader attracts a large community of users with its free access and extensive library of trading algorithms. However, it lacks some advanced trading features and offers a relatively austere trading environment.

TradingView, with its 100% online trading environment, provides a more user-friendly alternative to MetaTrader. Nevertheless, the free version of ProRealTime Web offers more features than the paid version of TradingView.

Easier to use with its fully online trading environment, TradingView is a more advanced alternative to MetaTrader. However, the free version of ProRealTime Web offers more features than the paid version of TradingView.


The free version of ProRealTime Web and its unlimited trading simulator are the ideal environments for discovering trading at your own pace, conducting your first technical analyses, and practicing without risk.

For more experienced traders, ProRealTime Software and ProRealTime Trading offers provide all the tools necessary to increase their chances of beating the market with a professional-grade trading platform.


Is ProRealTime a broker?

No, ProRealTime is not a broker. It is a trading platform available on the web, mobile, and desktop. However, you can use its ProRealTime Trading offer, which was developed in partnership with its broker partners.

Which brokers are compatible with ProRealTime?

Currently, three brokers are compatible with ProRealTime: IG France, Interactive Brokers, and Saxo Bank. You can also use ProRealTime alongside another broker to monitor markets, perform analyses, and test strategies.

Is ProRealTime free?

ProRealTime offers both free and paid plans. Under certain conditions, you can use the free version on ProRealTime WEB and Mobile and even on ProRealTime Software and ProRealTime Trading.

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