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ProRealTime is professional-quality stock market software used by over a million investors. It is free for download on Mac, PC, and mobile devices (Android and iOS). 

Install the latest version of ProRealTime in just a few clicks and take advantage of real-time market data today.


Trading exposes you to the risk of losing more than your initial investment and incurring financial liability. Trading is suitable only for well-informed, sophisticated clients able to understand how the products being traded work and having the financial ability to bear the aforementioned risk.

Transactions involving foreign exchange instruments (FOREX) and contracts for difference (CFD) are highly speculative and extremely complex. As such, they are subject to a high level of risk due to leverage. Please keep in mind that CDF trading is banned in the US.

Information published on the website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as offering investment advice or as an enticement to trade financial instruments.

How to Download ProRealTime for Free

Register on the ProRealTime website and get free access to the ProRealTime Complete and Mobile versions.

Steps to download ProRealTime free of charge:

1 – Register for free at
Visit and register for a free account. This grants access to both the ProRealTime Complete and Mobile versions.

2 – Choose your version
After registration, you can either start paper trading on the web version of ProRealTime or directly download the complete version.

3 – Download and Install
Follow the prompts to download the software. The installation process is quick and straightforward, allowing you to start trading almost immediately.

Now, you are ready to take your first steps using ProRealTime!

Access Real-Time Market Data Free of Charge

ProRealTime provides access to both real-time and delayed market data. By default, the web version offers delayed data, but you can upgrade to real-time data for free or through a subscription, depending on the selected asset.

ProRealTime Trading

ProRealTime can be combined with a handpicked selection of brokers to offer an integrated brokerage service, enabling you to place your orders directly through the ProRealTime software charts.

The free version of ProRealTime Web and its unlimited trading simulator are perfect for those new to trading or looking to practice without risk. For more advanced trading needs, the ProRealTime Software and ProRealTime Trading options provide professional-grade tools and real-time data.

To fully understand the capabilities and offerings of ProRealTime, read our detailed review.

Maxime Parra

Maxime holds two master’s degrees from the SKEMA Business School and FFBC: a Master of Management and a Master of International Financial Analysis. As founder and editor-in-chief of, he writes daily about financial trading.

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